Casey Booey, III


Casey Booey III 


BOOEY’S GOURMET is located in Spokane, Washington – which is not really known for “Fiery” foods, but we aim to change that!

Our “Original” Pepper sauce was the first sauce we created – starting 19 years ago in our home kitchen. After Casey had his first exposure to “hot wings” in Minneapolis, MN, he came home with a mission to create an even better wing sauce. Through years of taste tasting and feedback from friends, family, and customers, he finally perfected our recipe – Booey’s Original Pepper Sauce. Since then, Casey has gone on to create 6 more sauces, 2 rubs and a BBQ knife!

Although we are fans of heat, BOOEY’S GOURMET seeks that balance between heat and flavor. BOOEY’S GOURMET Pepper sauces are created with the finish in mind. You can do anything you can do with regular sauces and marinades and then some, but we think the magic happens after your dish is cooked. Why waste most of your sauce and flavor burning up on the grill? Apply as much sauce as you want and the taste of your creation will climb another level in flavor!

Our sauces work equally well as an ingredient in your favorite dishes – kick up your spaghetti sauce, add zing to your meat loaf, bump the heat in your chili or stir a tablespoon into some sour cream as a kicked up low­-cal dip! It’s the finish where BOOEY’S GOURMET Pepper Sauces really shine. Drizzle it on pizza, stir fry, nachos, burritos, or add some excitement to that red beer or Bloody Mary.

Let BOOEY’S GOURMET add the perfect balance of heat and flavor to your kitchen!


The mastermind behind BOOEY’S GOURMET is Casey Booey III, with the help of his family. Casey comes from a multiracial background, with his Retired Air Force father being Black and Native American and his mother from Japan. Having traveled a lot as a child, Casey’s unique background and exposure to different cultures (and their food!) helped form him into the foodie he is today – and heavily influenced each of the BOOEY’S GOURMET sauce flavors.

Casey learned how to grill from his dad, Casey Jr., and adopted a love of Asian food from his mother, and later learned a passion for BBQ and smoked meats from his father-in-law. Casey started cooking at an early age, while his father was deployed in Vietnam and Thailand, and hiw mother was working. His first taste of cooking for the masses came at age 16, when he first worked as a dishwasher and cook at the Fairchild A.F.B. Alert Facility Chow Hall – but it didn’t stop there.

BOOEY’S GOURMET is a family business, consisting of Casey and his wife Tami, with their four children; Casey, Jasmine, Kenji, and Mac. Asked about his family, Casey says, “Together with their enthusiasm and hard work, they cover the majority of our sales through friends, parents and teachers! I created each sauce but I don’t even consider it a viable product until I get the thumbs up from my family. Their energy and support has helped BOOEY’S GOURMET grow. When my son Casey was stationed in Afghanistan, I would send whole gallon jugs of sauce, because his co­workers were taking his!” But that’s not the only Booey child helping out, he says. “Both Kenji and Mac have also racked up big sales for us just through teachers, coaches, friends and family.”

In addition to helping with the sauces, their children are also passionate about cooking. “During Jasmine’s senior year at Gonzaga University she entered The Iron Chef Gonzaga, an annual cooking competition that is intended to spotlight Diversity on campus through native dishes. I helped her cook an Andouille and Shrimp Jambalya for 200 people, and of course, one of the ingredients was our pepper sauce. She won the “Chefs Award” voted on by the food service and local celebrity chefs! During the whole competition she kept a bottle of our sauce next to the kettle, showcasing it for everyone to see.”

“As busy as everyone is with school and life in general, my family has always encouraged me to pursue this dream. I’ve always told my family that one way I can always show them love is through cooking. When I cook for them, I’m hugging them. Not many people can look back on their lives and say they left their family a legacy. That’s what I intend to do with this business. I want them to always remember what it is to be family through a central connection, the love and sense of accomplishment that we shared making this happen.”

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